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Frequently asked Questions

a. Can I access the services of the hospital if I am registered with a private healthcare insurance company? Yes you can. The Hospital is registered with the following private healthcare insurance companies;
b. Can I register online? Yes, you can register online. Please fill out the online registration form on the main page and submit it and we will contact you to provide any further information you may need.

Visiting Guidelines

Airport Womenís Hospital is passionate about delivering excellent medical care and attention in a homely and comfortable hospital environment for our patients. We therefore provide care that is supportive of the patientís relationship with her family and loved ones, recognizing the significant role they play in our patientís lives. Regarding visits from family and friends, our patients may choose who can and cannot visit them during their stay with us.

In addition, some restrictions on visitation are needed depending on a patient's medical condition. The Hospital during such times will limit frequency of visits to a patient in the full interests of a patientís well-being and speedy recovery.

Register Online and by Phone

Members of the public who wish to visit us can either register with us by calling us or filling a form online. The hospital is open all days of the week from 7:00am. To call us to register via phone, please call 0302-736107 and we will be glad to assist you. To register online, please click here.